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Get ready to sink into a dreamy weekend of micro fusion dancing this October 11-13 in Copenhagen.

At this festival we hope to create a space where you can deep dive into technique by day, lose yourself in the flow by night, and deepen connections both new and old all throughout the weekend.

We’ve got:

✨ An absolute star line-up of teachers and DJs 

✨ A giant, comfy cuddle space

✨ Dedicated quiet room

✨ No morning classes

✨ Dress-up themes

✨ Some extra surprises 

Classes and music will explore the full range of micro dancing. Micro refers to the scale not the scope. We can be sharp and dynamic as well as slow and squishy. We will embrace this.

At night, we will have two floors. One where the party goes all night. Another with lots of spaces for chilling and cuddling, and music for dreamy dances. Your choice, all night, every night.

For the daytime, you have the choice between a class pass and a social pass.


With a class pass you can go on a journey with our amazing teachers through the intricacies of micro dance technique.

For those who want a less structured approach, we will have an open space for skill shares and whatever you all want to bring and share with each other. (There will be at least one massage table.)

Everything will take place in one lovely venue where we can hang out as much as we like. There are lots of ideas cooking for dress-up themes and other surprises throughout the weekend.

💋 Basically, I’m inviting you all to join me in creating my dream festival. My hope is that you leave each party with your heart swollen to ten times its size from all the happy hormones flowing through your system. Come melt with me!

Love, your organiser – Sarah/AKA: DJ Saratonin

More details to be announced soon!

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