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Frankie Porter

Frankie gave up dancing at the age of four, when she was cast as the Ugly Duckling for a ballet recital and was so offended she quit on the spot.


She was lured back in 2011 when she began a heated affair with Argentine tango, and has since fallen for a variety of styles from blues and reggaeton to popping and micro (she still hasn’t been back to ballet). On the fusion floor she blends grounded funk and attitude with tight isolations and a LOT of smiling.

As a teacher she focuses on developing both creativity and control, building concepts in an accessible way to provide an expanded palette of musicality and body integration. Expect high levels of enthusiasm.


Malcolm White


​Malcolm loves to fully engage with the music, finding every movement and isolation the music draws him into. His dance background draws strongly from blues, and lindy hop prior to that. You'll also find smatterings of African body movement, contact improv, popping and most recently balfolk.

He's super excited to share this with you and the magic it will create on the dance floor. His teaching is considered, distilling complex ideas into bitesize chunks of deliciousness. He likes to take the whole class on a journey! Best to also expect enthusiasm from him too.

Malcolm on dancing with Frankie:

"She is incredibly present in her dancing. She brings her enormous capacity for love and joy into partner dancing and you can feel that.

"Fantastically precise movements, which are especially great for micro. A varied dance background and a great passion for solo fusion have lent her amazing movements and fantastically precise following.

She is my favourite person to dance with - we reliably have an amazing connection."

Frankie on dancing with Malcolm:

"He plays with the size and texture of movements, incorporating big swooping movements alongside tiny super controlled ones, creating a varied and exciting dance landscape.

"He has fantastic movement integration and flow, very lyrical lines and dynamic use of partnered space - you don’t just dance statically with your partner, you move with and around them to create really beautiful flowing shapes."


Together, Frankie and Malcolm will bring all of this into their teaching with clear descriptions, precise demonstrations, plenty of sparkling metaphors and general fun!


DJ Space Kitty

Space Kitty - aka Iris/Nox - has been in love with fusion for about ten years, and DJs regularly at European and North-American festivals.

A passion of theirs is to spend hours on their laptop, trying to find the best songs to move to and connect with. Slow trap, strings, electro-pop, hip hop and middle eastern sonorities inspire them, and a 100% micro melty set is their guilty pleasure.


Influenced by DJing regularly for kink and sex events, their content tends to be as explicit as events' rules and codes of conduct allow it to be.




French DJ, Dane has been DJing fusion for close to a decade to a variety of fusion events in the USA and in France (Recess, DJX, Highland Fusion Retreat, EMF, TOM, Fusionizers, Kaleidoscope XXL,  and many more!). They play a mixture of styles with rich polyrhythms and beats that will make you wanna move. Mixing fresh finds and old classics, you'll find influences of hip-hop, electro, pop, tango, salsa, kizomba, blues, in their DJing.

DJ Soendergaard

DJ Soendergaard (they/them) loves connecting with the crowd through music and to push the boundaries of danceable music. They first started DJing for fusion close to a decade ago and have since branched out to fusion, kiz, waltz, micro and more. Their music is inspired by their diverse dance background and they love to cross-polunate whenever the opportunity presents itself.


More DJs to be announced!

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