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Pass Types

We will have class passes and social passes available. 

Class passes include:

  • 8 hours of classes with our awesome instructors

  • 3 nights of parties

Social passes include:

  • Access to our open space for skill shares during the day

  • 3 nights of parties

Ticket Pricing

To make our events as financially accessible as possible, we always have a sliding scale pricing available. There are four categories:

"I can offer support:" This lets us offer discounted tickets to other dancers.

"I can only afford to dance:" This is the average amount we need people to pay to cover event costs.  

"I need support:" This is our standard discounted ticket for those of you on lower incomes.

Custom amount: If you’re broke AF or feeling flush, let us know! We will do our best to accept as many free and low-cost tickets as possible. Any extra support you would like to provide will be gratefully received.

Class Pass:

"I can offer support." €150

"I can only afford to dance." €120

"I need support."  €90


Social Pass:

"I can offer support." €110

"I can only afford to dance." €90

"I need support."  €70


Address: Shetlandsgade 3, 1st floor, 2300 København, Denmark

Our venue has two large rooms. The main room for parties and classes is 90m2 and has a wooden floor. The second room for open space and parties is 62m2 and will have foam mats on the floor.


We also have a kitchen/foyer area with couchs and a self-service bar, and a separate dedicated quiet room.  

Cosy atmosphere guaranteed!

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